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Cello & Comida


Natalia Vilchis

July 10th, 2021, 2:00PM

Attend this special event and connect with others, share food and conversation, and enjoy live music at the home of one of our favorite Festival hostesses. 


The location will allow us to gather outside and in rooms open to the beautiful courtyard. 


Natalia Vilchis is from Monterrey, and was a student during the Festival's 2018 Education Week. She recently earned her Masters Degree in Music from Peabody Institute in the studio of Amit Peled. She also performs in his Mount Vernon Virtuosi Cello Gang. 


Natalia will perform selections from her graduation concert and will speak to us about her journey as a classical musician.   


During the event, we are excited to announce the 43rd, 44th and some of the 45th Seasons of Festival de Música de Cámara to you, whose loyalty has helped the Festival not only survive but thrive during the pandemic.


The price of the ticket helps further our mission to bring the highest quality music and music education to San Miguel. 

Festival art will be available for sale. Find out more

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