Festival Poster & Artist

The Festival is proud to introduce this year's artist and poster design. Following is the artist herself as she describes her work and inspiration.

"My name is Caterina Doppelelf. I was born in Mexico City but I’ve been living in San Miguel for 4 years. I started to have artistic inclinations from a very young age. I grew up in an environment full of art books and Remedios Varo’s paintings. Likewise, I have passion for mythology, beastiaries and literature. With my work, I wish to mix literature and advertising with illustration.

"My illustration tries to resemble Max Ernst’s collages, as well as mythology, Hermetism, characters and literary plots. A very recurrent topic is anthropomorphic beings, as can be observed in the poster for the Chamber Music Festival of San Miguel de Allende 2019.

"I wanted to include my usual style; collage, with psychedelic colors and a small San Miguel floating above my characters, my usual surrealism with colors that music inspires in me."

Congratulations, Caterina!