Our mission is to bring the highest quality music and music education to San Miguel de Allende.

Our vision is to make San Miguel de Allende
an international music destination. 



President: Helenmarie Corcoran


Secretary: Karen Ronstadt


Treasurer: Kathleen Ellsworth


President of Festival de Cámara Charitable Trust: Kahren Arbitman

Administrative Director:  Daniela Ahlenius

Other Members

Louis Abrahamson

Dirk Bakker

Gary Belkin 

Marian Celli

Clif Foster

John Daly Goodwin

Alberto Lenz 

Mick Lockey


2019 Festival Committees

Arts festivals require the passion and commitment of individuals´ time and talent. Below are members of various committees responsible for putting together this year's exciting festival.

Artist Program: Jim Bailey, Dirk Bakker, Clif Foster, Ken Morrow, Rodrigo Treviño

Education Week and Outreach: Marian Celli, Clif Foster, Felicia Moye, Helenmarie Corcoran, Daniela Ahlenius

Program Guide: Mick Lockey, Ken Morrow, Joanna Marsden, Lander Rodriguez, Karen Ronstadt, Daniela Ahlenius

Artist Housing and Transportation: Marilyn Link, Jessika Ramos, Marian Celli

Bylaws: Alberto Lenz, Gary Belkin, Marian Celli, Daniela Ahlenius

Budget: Kathleen Ellsworth, Helenmarie Corcoran, Daniela Ahlenius

Development and Individual Donors: Helenmarie Corcoran, Gary Belkin,  Alberto Lenz

Music under the Trees: Clif Foster, Daniela Ahlenius, Lander Rodriguez, Florencia Ojeda Carbajal, Mick Lockey

Marketing and Editorial: Mick Lockey, Lander Rodriguez, Frederic Dannen, Florencia Ojeda Carbajal, Daniela Ahlenius

Website Design: Lander Rodriguez, Mick Lockey, Karen Ronstadt

Stage Design: Carey Berkus, Alberto Lenz

Charitable Trust: Kahren Arbitman, Louis Abrahamson, Dirk Bakker

Parties: Beverly Moor, Gail Lowenstein, Gary Belkin and    Ed Tuder, Marian Celli

Ticketing: Daniela Ahlenius, Kathleen Ellsworth, Boleto City

Ushers: Kathleen Ellsworth

Our Staff

Administrative Director: Daniela Ahlenius

Graphic Design:  Lander Rodriguez

Social Media: Florencia Ojeda Carbajal

Special Events: Natalie Golay



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Festival Office: 2nd Floor inside Bellas Artes, Hernández Macías # 75, San Miguel de Allende, Tel (415) 154 5141