Symphonie Atlantique

Founded in 2012, Symphonie Atlantique is a vibrant new ensemble, based in the Hague, Netherlands, that reimagines repertoire from the classical and romantic periods. 


Coming from the perspective that “nothing is crazier than the past” Symphonie Atlantique is passionate about creating programs and concert experiences that are based on historical settings, when audiences were encouraged to participate in the concert and the rules that apply today for concert etiquette didn’t exist. 

As this season´s artists in residence for two weeks, the chamber orchestra will participate in an expanded music education program of master classes as well as perform in a series of concerts with five to twelve musicians. 



Rebecca Huber: baroque violin, violin

Rachel Stroud: baroque violin, violin, viola

Joanna Marsden: baroque flute, flute

Takako Kunugi: baroque bassoon, bassoon 

Rafael Sanchez Guevara: viola de gamba, cello

Petra Somlai: harpsichord, fortepiano


View a performance

Joseph Haydn:

Symphony No. 49, F Minor, “La Passione,” Finale