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A Bold Vision of Connection from Alberto Lenz

Connection in San Miguel


Acrylic on board

63 x 84 cm


Available to purchase

$3,000 U.S. framed

For its 43rd season, the Festival is excited to present as its guiding image, the work of Alberto Lenz, an internationally known artist, who has graciously donated Connection in San Miguel (pictured above) from his new series, Connections and Sequences. You can expect to see this compelling image in many of the Festival's materials. 

Connection in San Miguel will be on display at the Cello & Comida event on July 10 and will be available for sale.

In addition, smaller matted pieces from the series Connections and Sequences also will be offered with 50% of the proceeds benefitting the Festival. 

Artist Profile

Born in Mexico City, Alberto lives in San Miguel de Allende, where he is dedicated to painting, sculpture, architecture, and jewelry design. He is representative of geometrism in contemporary Mexican art and his work is promoted by Galería Intersección in San Miguel de Allende and the Bentley Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona. Alberto has been a past Festival board member.

Alberto Lenz, artist

Alberto Lenz, artist

Artist’s Statement

The pandemic that has plagued the entire world since last year has imposed on us the need to distance ourselves and take refuge in our private spaces. We have lost the physical, direct social contact so necessary for our lives. But in all this dramatic new circumstance, we have also learned that the key to getting out of it is to recover, strengthen and enrich our connections.


The connections between human beings and between us and nature, which we have hurt so much. And at the center of it all, the connection with our spirit, vital for the continuation of our culture.

His piece, influenced by geometrism in modern Mexican art, suggests the essence of musical performance in bold visual terms: sequences of interlocking elements that suggest a connection to composer, music, performer, and audience member. Seeing, feeling, experiencing connection is vital to who we are now.

Please join us in the spirit of connection and celebrate music’s power to enrich lives with this bold new work.

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