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photo by David Finlayson

Fredric Dannen

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An Evening with Anthony McGill: A Film


Extended through August 29, @11:59PM,

Mexico City Time

The Festival de Música de Cámara de San Miguel de Allende is very excited to present an exclusive film that showcases the passion and gifted artistry of Anthony McGill, one of classical music’s most widely recognizable names. Read more about Anthony.


The film, An Evening with Anthony McGill, features the clarinetist and music journalist Fredric Dannen. It opens with an introduction in Spanish by festival board member and notable actress Marcela Brondo, provided with English subtitles.


A ground-breaking and inspirational musician, Anthony is the principal clarinetist of the New York Philharmonic, and the orchestra’s first African-American principal player. McGill is passionate about music education for underrepresented communities and to issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in classical music. His work is internationally known.


The conversation, featuring fresh insights on contemporary classical music, touches on a wide range of topics, including McGill’s childhood in the south side of Chicago and early music education, his love for specific works of music, the need for equal opportunity and diversity in the arts, and an important life lesson he learned during the Covid lockdown.

The one-hour film concludes with a special private performance by McGill and pianist Anna Polonsky of the Brahms Clarinet Sonata in E flat Major – “one of my favorite pieces ever,” McGill says. He adds, “To be able to share that work with the festival’s audience is a gift from me to you.”  Watch a short clip from the film below. 



The Festival, one of Mexico’s oldest music festivals, second only to Festival Internacional Cervantino, has been bringing the work of artists like Anthony through virtual and live performances, throughout 2021, when most live performances have been shuttered. Anthony McGill will be a featured performer during the 2022 season.


Working together with our patrons, supporters, and friends--connecting online or off-we are striving to be a symphony of positive change for the world of classical music.

Make plans to view this film, produced exclusively for the Festival, from the comfort of your home. 

Tickets are only $15 USD or 300 MXN   

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